Care Plans and Goals

The aim of Soundview Medical’s Care Plans and Goals is to ensure patients the ability to work with their Physician and Care Team to develop together on medically related goals that include “plans” to achieve those goals.  The Care Plan may include, but not limited to:

  • Weight Loss
  • Smoking Cessation
  • Annual Exam
  • Follow up Appointment Adherence
  • Diabetes A1C Control
  • Lowering Blood Pressure

Care Plan Stages

The Care Plan should be discussed with the Physician and Care Team at every visit to document the stage of development:

Started 20
Suspended 40
Readiness 60
Abandoned 80
Met 100

The Care Plan also documents the PLAN, the PROGRESS, the Barriers, and the last date updated.  In addition, the Care Plan should be printed at each visit for the patient and become part of the patient’s medical record.  It is a collaborative effort between the patient and the Providers of care to help guide and achieve goals that would improve the health of the patient.