We’ve embarked on a powerful new effort focused on giving you the best possible health care at all times, even when you’re not in our office. To help us do that, we’ve adopted a proven framework called the patient-centered medical home. This means you will be surrounded by a dedicated team of health professionals working together to meet all of your individual health care needs.Learn More
Soundview Medical Associates offers a Patient Portal for registered patients. Manage your personal medical records, communicate with your doctors, and make informed decisions about your health. Get started with our portal instructions. For questions or problems concerning our patient portal, please email Sylina Gurnari.Go To Portal
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Our Specialties

Our Services

  • Digital X-Rays

  • Infusion Center – Remicade, Reclast, and Hydration

  • Laboratory (Pathology)

  • Pulmonary Function Tests

  • Cardiac Stress, Digital Echo, and Event Monitoring Tests

  • CDL/DOT Physicals

  • Bone Density Scan (DEXA) for Osteoporosis

  • Thyroid Ultrasound Testing

  • Lactose Intolerance Testing

  • Vascular Studies

  • PT INRs for Coumadin Checks