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Ambien (Zolpidem)

Ambien is the brand name of the medicine zolpidem. It is a sedative that’s used to treat insomnia, or the inability to fall or stay sleep. It works by changing your brain chemistry so that you feel calmer.

Before taking Ambien

As Ambien is meant to help you fall asleep, there are some very important things you need to know before you start this medicine.

Ambien is meant to work quickly, so you should only take it right before bed. It’s best to take Ambien on an empty stomach. If you eat food first, the medicine may not work as fast as it’s meant to.

You should only take Ambien if you intend to get a full night’s sleep of seven to eight hours. If you wake up sooner than that, there is a good possibility that you’ll experience severe side effects. These include extreme drowsiness, dizziness, loss of motor function, and memory loss. It can be very dangerous to attempt to drive a car or operate other machinery when you are in this condition.

Immediate release vs. extended release

There are two versions of Ambien. The immediate-release formula goes to work as soon as you take it so that you can get to sleep fast. This medicine is prescribed to people who have trouble falling asleep but generally stay asleep once they are out.

The extended-release version is called Ambien CR, and it combines the immediate-release formula with one that slowly dissolves. This version is for those people who often wake up in the middle of the night or can’t stay asleep.

Dosage information

Ambien is generally prescribed on a short-term basis of one to two weeks. You doctor will determine your dosage based on your age, gender, and condition. They’ll also take into account any other medicines you may be taking, as well as how well you respond to Ambien.

It is very important that you not take more Ambien than you are prescribed. It will not work better in larger doses, and you may experience dangerous side effects.

If you take too much Ambien, you could pass out and experience dangerously slow breathing. This can sometimes lead to a coma. If you believe you’ve taken too much Ambien, you must call a poison control center or ambulance immediately.

Ambien side effects

One of the most dangerous Ambien side effects is an allergic reaction. If this happens to you, you’ll see hives, facial swelling, and difficulty breathing. Immediately seek medical attention if you experience any of these symptoms while taking the medicine.

Other minor side effects you may experience while taking Ambien include:

  • cold-like symptoms, like runny nose and sore throat
  • dizziness
  • drowsiness
  • headache
  • loss of motor function and coordination
  • weakness

You may also see more serious side effects, such as:

  • chest pain and tightness
  • difficulty breathing or swallowing
  • Loss of consciousness (or feeling like you may pass out)
  • rapid heartbeat

If you see any of these side effects, you should stop taking the medication and talk to your doctor.

Ambien may also cause psychological side effects. You may feel “out of it”, as if you’ve been drugged. You may also experience feelings of aggression, confusion, and depression. Some people report personality changes, such as feeling less inhibited or feeling as if they want to hurt themselves. You should let a doctor know if you see any of these changes.

Ambien may also cause hallucinations or sleep walking. You may wake up and do things around the house, such as laundry or online shopping, with no memory of it the next day. In extremely rare cases, some people have left the house in this condition.

What do I do if I miss a dose?

Ambien is taken at bed time. If you forget to take it, you should skip that dose—unless you have enough time to sleep for seven to eight hours. If you don’t, continue your medication the next night.

Other information

Not everyone who has trouble sleeping needs to take a medicine like Ambien. There are other steps you can take before starting this medicine to help with trouble sleeping, such as suspending alcohol and caffeine consumption in the hours before bedtime, eliminating daytime naps, and going to bed and waking up at more consistent times.