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Why Buy Medicines Online at the Canadian Pharmacy?

Canadian pharmacy is one of the best pharmacies operating online. A diverse selection of medicines along with reasonable prices allows it to stand out among others. Read on to know why it is worth buying from the Canadian pharmacy.

Reasons to Buy Drugs Online at the Canadian Pharmacy

A survey performed at the University of Chicago reports that 40% of Americans refuse treatment. 44% of the US citizens can’t afford treatment and so don’t go to the doctor’s even if they are sick or have an injury. The high cost of the medicines doesn’t allow Americans to get the treatment they need. To fix this situation, the federal government made some steps to simplify access to quality prescription medications at affordable prices. A 2003 bill allowing the importation of prescription drugs from Canada was aimed to make treatment affordable. Each state was to outline the program implementation individually.

Currently, people can order quality medications at reasonable prices from the Canadian pharmacy. It is a reputable and trustworthy online service supplying certified quality medications. You can order both over-the-counter and prescription drugs there. Still, there are certain requirements for the medicines one can buy via the Canadian prescription drug importation program.

Why Buy Medicines From the Canadian Pharmacy?

Canadian pharmacy is one of the biggest online retailers of prescription and non-prescription drugs. It offers a broad selection of medicines at a different price range. The availability of both brand and generic drugs for purchase allows customers to get the prescribed preparation at the price they feel comfortable with.

Also, buying from a Canadian pharmacy, you can be 100% confident that the medicines are of an appropriate quality and are tested for safety and efficacy. Those who worry about their privacy may stay calm as no information regarding the content of the package is available to the delivery company and the courier. You’ll get your medicines within the shortest term to start treatment as soon as possible.

You should be aware that 95% of pharmacies operating online are non-legitimate and can therefore supply you with poor-quality medications. Still, there are ways to find out whether the Canadian pharmacy you’d like to buy from is legal.

How to Check the Legitimacy of the Canadian Pharmacy?

While you can find some user reviews and recommendations for this or that Canadian pharmacy, you never know for sure until you check its legitimacy using special websites and programs. But before we outline the details on how to do that, have a look at a few cautions to help you understand whether the pharmacy is legal or not at the first glance:

  • You can’t find a business address, contact telephone number, and email address on the pharmacy’s website. You should have access to all this information to be able to check the legitimacy of an online pharmacy. If such details are unavailable, this pharmacy operates illegally.
  • You should be able to get an online consultation with a pharmacist licensed in Canada during regular working hours. This is one of the primary requirements for every pharmacy operating online.
  • To buy a prescription medication at a licensed Canadian pharmacy, you need to have a valid prescription issued by a Canadian GP. In case you are offered to buy medicines without a prescription, you are likely dealing with fraud.

Ordering a prescription drug over-the-counter may be rather seducing, yet you have to keep in mind that no one is then responsible for the consequences of your using such medications. To be on the safe side, always consult a doctor.

Methods of Verifying the Legitimacy of a Canadian Pharmacy

There exist three ways to learn if the Canadian online pharmacy is licensed or not. The first one needs you to collect the information about the business address and phone number of the pharmacy. Having this information, you should go to the local pharmacy regulatory authority website and check if this address refers to any pharmacy licensed in that region.

The second method requires using Pharmacy Verified Websites Program. Only a licensed online Canadian pharmacy can get permission to use a “.pharmacy” domain name extension. So if the pharmacy you are interested in is on the program’s list, this means it is legitimate and meets all the legal requirements.

The third way to check the licensing of an online Canadian pharmacy is to go to a website called where there is all the information concerning the legitimacy of the pharmacy and its trustworthiness.

Any of the methods mentioned will help you avoid purchases from fraudulent online pharmacies that mask under the name of a Canadian pharmacy.

Summing Up

Canadian pharmacy is a reliable supplier of quality over-the-counter and prescription medications. By buying from a licensed online Canadian pharmacy, you’ll get safe and effective treatment for your medical condition at an affordable price. Don’t refuse treatment. Order medicines from a Canadian pharmacy online.